Speaker Biography

Michelle Morin-Bompart

Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, Psychosomatician France

Title: The Golden Pavilion of Mishima: The story of a fire-lighter

Michelle Morin-Bompart

After a diploma in psychiatry and a psychoanalysis, Michelle Morin practiced as a psychotherapist in a psychosomatic center, then in private as a psychosomatician. She presented seventeen communications in congresses between 2003 and 2016. Michelle Morin-Bompart published a paper in RPPG Revue de Psychothérapie psychanalytique de Groupe (2017). Don Juan, his imitators, victims, accusers, and his creators and a book in 2017 Creation in art and literature. In 2018 she published also in the American Journal of Psychology, Love and art creation: Rodin and Camille Claudel and in 2019 Anaïs Nin, an incest between a father and a daughter in the American Journal of Psychiatry and Neurosciences.


A true story inspired the novel of Mishima.   In 1950, the marvelous Golden Pavilion in Kyoto was destroyed by an incendiary fire. The fire-lighter was Hayashi Shoken, a novice bonze of twenty-one years old, student in Chinese literature.

Very few psychiatrists in France have been interested in criminal fires: Henri Marc in 1833, Henri Ey, then swiss psychiatrists in 2015 and DSM IV.  The only psychiatric and psychoanalytic reference in France is Claude Balier.

For me literature creations like dreams are a royal path towards unconscious. I want to show where the author Hiroaka Kimitake (author’s name Mishima Yukio) takes the material of his novel The Golden Pavilion and also an autobiographic one Confession of a Mask (external reality, personal material and imagination).

Mishima is a wonderful writer, very poetic, very well known in Japan and all over the world. I want to understand the man behind the writer. Mishima’s homosexuality is well known, I should say his bisexuality because he married a woman and had a child. His death by hara-kiri and seppuku was a shock for the Japanese.  In his works you can find a lot of pervert and fetichist tendencies. He was brought up by an incestuous paternal grandmother.