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Haekal Fadhilah


Title: Smoking in correlation with tremor occurrence on medical faculty students at Yarsi university And the review from the side of Islam

Haekal Fadhilah


Self - stigma is an individual perception that he/she experiences the stigma from the society because they are part of that stigmatized group that creates a negative reaction from the individual to themselves.Purpose of this research is to know the self – stigma description of female sex worker with HIV/AIDS in Jakarta and its review from the side of Islam.Research method used is cross sectional analytic descriptive research. Sampling method used in this research is simple random sampling method by taking primary data with questionnare to get respondent identity, and other primart data with   Berger Stigma – Scale questionnaire.The result of this research most of the respondent showed Disclosure Concerns stigma scale with 53 (74,6%) respondent.Conclusions from this research by using Berger Stigma Scale showed that most of respondent experiences stigma wih Disclosure Concerns subscale, that means still many female sex worker sheltered their status as ODHA because they are concern on how public will react to themselves. Islamic law forbid the practice of adultery in any form, even if the action is favored by humans and deed done only by a person without harming others. transactions according to Islam are also viewed in terms of type of the occupation. Because of that, it is forbid for Muslims to make a transaction to do wrong things